Asus Xonar U7 MKII is 7.1 channel USB audio with built-in headphone amplifier

Asus Xonar U7 MKII review

ASUS has released a USB audio unit called Xonar U7 MKII with a built-in headphone amplifier.  Xonar U7 MKII makes use of C-Media’s “6632 AX” for chips. It connects with the PC with USB, and it can output up to 7.1 channel supporting 192 kHz / 24 bit playback. In addition, a built-in headphone amplifier ensures improved output.

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Monster Chronicles available on iOS and Android

Monster Chronicles is all set to come to the iOS and android app stores. Mobile gamers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are in for a treat this week, as the newly launched Monster Chronicles hits App Stores in those regions.

Monster Chronicles

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Lian Li PC-T70 test bench released

Lian Li has just announced the expected white version of its popular Lian Li PC-T70 test bench . This test bench, is one of the preferred by overclockers worldwide. Especially because you can put a cover that allows you to simulate the inside of a box. I think that few people you read this website will be interested in having their own test bench. Normal. If we sometimes talk about niche products, this is still more niche than usual. At the end of the day, the normal thing is that the only ones that use this type of boxes are the people that are dedicated to the professional test. And the overclockers. After all, a test bench like the Lian Li PC-T70 has many advantages for us.

Lian Li PC-T70 (2)

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Which is best wallet for Ethereum?

Anyone with phone or laptop can give Ethereum, a crypto currency a try. For buying and storing your Ethereum currency, which is called Ether, you would need an Ethereum wallet. We will help you find the best Ethereum wallet. There are two keys involved in a wallet – public key and private key. If you lose the private key, you loose your Ether – forever and there is no way you would be ever be able to recover it.

best wallet for ethereum

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Modern Tech India – Who are we

Who are we? Modern Tech is uber software development, software optimization and web development company. We provide high-end solutions that make use of technology as tool to ensure smooth processing of your business ideas and turn them into reality. Modern tech takes time to understand one’s ideas and business goal. We offer custom software development services, all sorts of e-commerce solutions and web application development. We turn your ideas into reality by making use of cutting edge technology that allows us to faster implement your ideas and optimize use of resources.

Modern Tech India

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Asus U30SD Review

The new Asus U30SD features an impressive compact finesse and packs the second generation Core i3 / i5 processor to make sure you are able to enjoy both portability and power while on-the-move.  While it is still no match for the Dell m14x in terms of GPU processing, its Core i5 2410M and Nvidia GT520 manages to get amazing score in the Crystalmark benchmark test.

asus_u30sd_review (1)

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Acer Aspire One Happy: New Colors

Acer Aspire One Happy is nothing but D255 netbook that comes in cheerful colors. It was previously available in four colors (pink, purple, lime green and light blue) and now the company has added a few more tasty colors to the line up – Blueberry Shake, Banana Cream, Papaya Milk and Strawberry Yogurt. Acer has introduced a couple of few more changes as well. It will now come with Intel Atom N570 processor.


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Asus Transformer US Release Date, Price

The Transformer is already up on sale in Taiwan and UK and now this Android tablet is all set to make its way to the US and Canada. It will be released on April 26th (2011) and you will be able to buy it by shelling out 400 dollars. That price will only get you the tablet with 16GB flash storage and to get that fancy chiclet style keyboard, you will have to pay 150 dollars extra.


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GPad Q5

GPad Q5 is the new Android tablet in the market that is powered by Telechips TCC8902 processor. It comes  equipped with a 7 inch display that sports a resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA). Still interested? Okay, it runs the good ‘ol Android 2.1 operating system and the company promises upgrades to Android 2.2 and 2.3 (Gingerbread).  The only thing that I liked about it is its ridiculous depth of 7mm.

gpad q5 review

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LonPAd A97

LonPAd A97 is yet another Android tablet sporting a 7 inch display making its way to the market. Powered by the AML8726 A9 processor, it has a 7 inch resistive display that packs 800 x 600 pixel resolution. For storage, you get 4GB of flash along with 512MB OF RAM which is good enough for running a mobile operating system like Android.


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